We strive to continuously monitor our internet security system to monitor potential situations that could endanger the security or privacy of our customers and to continuously explore new technologies to improve our internet security system. If the UOB Group`s banking/transaction website is not available, customers can conduct their banking/transaction transactions through the following channels: Further Information on the Limits of Our Liability to you in Providing Internet Banking Services CAN BE FOUND IN THE FOLLOWING AND CONDITIONS: c) If you are a related company: which requests the connection of your accounts to your parent company`s group ID, You must submit the UOB BIB Service Affiliated Company Registration The United Overseas Bank Group (UOB Group) is committed to maintaining best privacy practices to create a secure internet banking environment for our customers where possible. We encourage our clients to follow best practices that are in their control. 1 Firefox and Chrome use the latest versions by default, as they are automatically updated by «quick versions.» Users should receive regular updates on their computers directly from Firefox and Chrome. 2 Chrome has set the support for Java Applets from version 45, so the file download feature on Chrome version 45 and over is not supported. Users should use alternative browsers to download files. You are responsible for keeping your online password confidential. If you don`t, you`re at risk of fraud and loss. The UOB Group cannot be responsible for losses incurred by customers as a result of: b) submitting the registration form completed with an account resolution and services from your Board of Directors (if any) in your home office. UOB Business Internet Banking Service Agreement – Country Addendum (Vietnam) Personal firewalls perform two basic functions.

You protect your system from unwanted scans from the Internet and usually also offer outbound controls. An in-depth scan searches and blocks all un downloaded commands, instructions, programs or messages that enter your system, while outgoing commands search for unknown programs (such as viruses and Trojans) and prevent them from sending messages from your computer. We advise you to do regular checks on Microsoft`s website (windows.microsoft.com/en-sg/windows/lifecycle) to check for regular updates. Microsoft regularly releases updates, upgrades, patches and security fixes on its website and we recommend that our customers keep their browsers up to date to take advantage of the latest improvements. For more information, see uob.com.sg/corporate/ebanking/bib/bib_security_alert.html. We understand customers` security concerns when they act on the Internet. We have therefore developed an online banking security system that protects the confidentiality of our customers` account information and their banking transactions. Selecting customers in the event of unavailability of the UOB Group Internet Banking/Transaction (s) website check to see if your browser settings are in line with the recommendations of question 19. If JVM is not installed in your system, you cannot download files on BIBPlus. Depending on the options you`ve logged in to, BIBPlus users can use the following features: The Bank uses Applet Java for extra security (beyond the 2048-bit SSL) if you want to download a file from your desktop. The Applet encrypts the selected file before it is transferred to the bank`s server.

Without Java activation of your browser or without the installation of a Java virtual machine (JVM) in your browser, the applet does not work and you cannot use features that require file downloading.