In 2004, if a child with a disability needs to change schools in the same district or school in another district of the same Land, IDEA 2004 requires that: «In the case of a child with a disability who moves school districts in the same school year who enrolls in a new school, and who had an IEP in the same land. , the LEA (School District) has provided this child, in agreement with the parents, with adequate and free public education, including the services described in the IEP, until the school district adopts, adopts and implements a new IEP in accordance with federal and national law.» Note: If the child is enrolled in a new school district in the same city, it is helpful for the child`s special educator to attend the PEI meeting in the new school. If the assessment of the child is still relevant, a new assessment would not be necessary, unless the parent or borough deems it necessary. IDEA contains guidelines for a child with a disability who is transferred to the same state or another state. These guidelines are specific to the right of the child to receive adequate free public education, with services comparable to those of the previous IEP. It is important that parents receive copies of school documents for their files, inquire with new and existing schools to ensure that the transfer request is submitted, ensure that all files relating to special or related services are recorded, and follow both schools if the transmission is not completed on time. . Learning Disabilities Association of America Article Note: An assessment may be required in this situation, as the child is now in another state whose assessment requirements may differ from those of the state in which the child previously lived. The former school district`s IEP remains in place until an evaluation can be completed. ..