In The End of the Affair? Blair and Louis are still together and have returned from Europe, which Chuck is unknown. After a random encounter in a walk, Chuck lands at the Waldorf with Louis. While he leaves for a second, he meets Blair, who leaves immediately. Louis admits to Chuck that Blair goes on night trips and doesn`t know where she`s going or what she`s doing. He says he wants to hire a private investigator to find out; But Chuck says he has a better idea. He decides to hire Dan, who reluctantly agrees. Later, Dan tries to tell Blair that she shouldn`t have to go through the marriage, but she thinks she should do it. He calls Chuck and tells him that Blair is not doing anything mysterious, but Chuck follows them to a private residence where they enter together. He photographs them and uses them to prove to Louis that Blair and Dan are having an affair. They say Serena doesn`t believe them. Yet Chuck and Louis want proof, so they ask Serena to hand over her laptop; she received all the explosions that would have been before on the Gossip Girl website which no longer exists. They collect photos of Dan and Blair and decide to confront them at the public`s New Year`s party that night. Later, Serena will talk about her conspiracy theories and decide to ask Blair himself.

As Louis is pretty sure, he adds a photo of the two with the caption «Most Secret Affair» at the end of the slideshow year. Meanwhile, Blair is telling Serena the truth. In a flash-go, we see that she learns that she has lost the baby and that it does not look good for Chuck. She eventually prays in the chapel and promises God that she will cling to his vows and that she will marry Louis if he saves Chuck, who will survive the end. In another flash-go, it is revealed that Blair is actually visiting a church with Dan and talking to a priest. After hearing this, Serena Blair says that Chuck and Louis think they`re having an affair with Dan. At the same time, Nate became aware of the additional slide. Dan tries to convince everyone that this is not true until Serena comes and says that Blair is only helping them to hide their new relationship. Louis finds Blair and apologizes, and Blair says that his real secret is that she converts to Catholicism so they can marry in church. After Blair sees Chuck, Louis asks if she wants to retire. Blair says she has never been safer than she has ever been so sure in her life. Thanks for this video.

It`s a fantastic look at how a pro-wedding photographer approaches the different moments of a wedding. And the pictures are awesome to start. Doesn`t have the washed and muddy look I see on so many wedding photos after they`ve been processed (I guess in some attempt to «look like a movie»). Blair and Louis meet in Paris and go to a few appointments before Blair returns to New York. Louis goes to find her, and they get engaged. But their relationship is strained, especially because of Blair`s unresolved feelings for Chuck Bass. One day, Blair plans to leave Louis, but he won`t. They get married, but their marriage is interrupted by a video of Blair`s confession of love to Chuck, and Louis makes it clear that Blair only married them to save face, and behind the scenes, they have no relationship. Finally, with the help of Georgina Sparks, Blair and Louis divorced. The idea of a whole day of wedding photography with its many layers can certainly be overwhelming. And with that said, look at this behind the scenes, wedding day tour to calm your mind.

I`ve been working on a handful of weddings as a second shooter with another photographer here (USA) and that the photographer stipulates in her contract that guests cannot use their phones during the ceremony. The bride and groom (or someone) usually advises everyone and people respect him.