Today, online advertising is widespread, as many individuals and businesses have thriving online businesses that receive many calls every day. Advertisers often want to reach the same audience as the publisher with whom they enter into contracts, which makes these deals very logical and often lucrative. For example, many travel agencies or travel agencies will choose to advertise on a travel blogger`s website. This agreement is specifically intended to cover these situations. WHEREAS: The advertiser wishes to instruct the advertiser to provide advertising services under the terms of this agreement, and the advertiser wishes to be instructed by the company to provide this advertisement under these conditions. 7.4 If the advertiser owns or controls an advertising budget, it undertakes to use that budget in its entirety for advertising purposes and not for other purposes and to return an unused budget at the end of that advertising agreement. 2.2 Adequate information on the products and services to be promoted under this agreement, including relevant information, such as expenses, means of payment and reimbursement policies. PandaTip: The terminology used may be confusing due to the growing trend of online businesses, the creator of the material that is promoted as an «advertiser» and the person who promotes (or promotes) such goods or services as «promoters». In this advertising agreement, we always use the term «company» as the person selling the product or service and «advertiser» as the person who puts the product up for sale, but you need to be aware of this difference in terminology when dealing with online marketing and advertising agencies (and especially related marketing organizations). An advertising agreement is used by and between a company that wishes to use the services of an advertiser for advertising and advertising its products or services or brand and the advertiser who is willing to provide such services to the company. 8.4 The contractual provisions under paragraphs 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 apply indefinitely to both parties and do not stop at this advertising agreement. 1.8 «video advertising» refers to advertising on, or other similar public or private video sites.

2.3 The indication of the purpose of the advertisement (whether it is the promotion of a product or service or the awareness of the brand or the product or both). 7.5 The advertiser undertakes to interrupt or interrupt in writing any advertising on the company`s express instruction. 1.9 Viral advertising encompasses all forms of viral advertising, camouflage advertising and Internet memes. 6.1 The company was unable to pay the taxes mentioned above within [PERIOD] within [PERIOD] after they were created and there was no formal agreement or agreement for such inconvenience in advance. If one of the conditions set out in a given section is declared unenforceable and invalidated, only these conditions are considered null and void, while the other contractual agreements remain valid and legally applicable. 7.4 In the event that the advertiser is responsible for maintaining, monitoring or controlling the advertising budget, the advertiser promises to use the budget amount solely for the purpose of advertising and not to use that budget for other purposes, and is also required to repay the remaining amount after the end of the agreement.